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IAA Seminar 2023.3.23|李炳曄教授 新媒體藝術作為社會創新實踐

IAA Seminar 2023.3.23|李炳曄教授 新媒體藝術作為社會創新實踐】

|Time:2023.3.23(四) 10:00-12:00
|Place:HA314室,陽明交大 光復校區人社一館3F

In the situation of Post-digital and Anthropocene, how should the new media art creation be handled by the dilemma and ecology facing the new media art creation? This lecture will share the aesthetic construct, cultural thinking, background of the science, and related works at home and abroad, and will also share the practice and exhibition of the series of works performed by individuals under this theme.



The lecture was on the spot. Welcome to listen.