To exhibit rich and diverse artworks in the space, VT Artsalon has launched an open call to welcome artists to present a show here. There are no limitations within the topic and art forms, therefore you are welcomed to submit all kinds of exhibition plans.

(1) Application qualifications:
◎ All nationalities working as individual artists or art groups can apply.
◎ The exhibition plan should be published for the first time.

(2) Exhibition date:
July – August, 2021.

(3) Application requirements:
1. Exhibition proposal (including resume and exhibition statement)
2. Artist’s portfolio
3. Photography/video of the exhibition works
4. Exhibition report
5. Passport copy

(4) Notice:
1. Please prepare both artist’s and curator’s information if you are applying for a group exhibition.
2. Please download the “application sample” folder, and prepare the required documents.
3. Please be aware of the subtly different information required between the application of a solo exhibition and a group exhibition.
4. After completing the preparation of all the documents mentioned above, please arrange them in a Google Drive folder and submit the link to the application form.
5. Please change your file name to “name – project name”, and make sure that you have shared the link with VT Artsalon:
6. Download space plan:
7. Application form:

(5) Deadline:
8/31/2020 21:00(GMT+8)
◎ You can make changes to the submission form before the due date.

(6) Rights and obligations:
1. Exhibition space and related administrative assistance will be provided to the selected artists.
2. Media promotional resources will be provided to the selected artists.
3. The selected artists are required to cooperate with VT Artsalon by several aspects, including administration, publicities, openings, and forums.
4. VT Artsalon will assist the selected artists for the applications of subsidies.

VT Artsalon
T: (+886)2597-2525