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2020 International Conference on Digital Fabrication: Design, Art, and Technology

About International Conference on Digital Fabrication 2020
(Design, Art and Technology):



Digital Fabrication is revolutionary technology that will change the way we fabricate products, from machine parts, concrete structures, auto-parts, prosthetics, body organs, foods, printed circuit boards, to almost everything. It is a technology which will place manufacturing in the hands of individuals and dramatically increase innovations. Though the technology has been around for some time, its true potential is beginning to make an impression with portable 3D printers. The impact of this technology could be far more revolutionary than even the Internet.

Digital Fabrication processes predominantly use material addition across successive layers to create objects. Paired with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools, digital fabrication facilitates the creation of new types of objects with unique geometrical and material properties, which cannot be created using conventional means. Advances in materials, electronics, modeling interfaces, and material distribution over the last two and half decades have vaulted digital fabrication from a simple method for producing three-dimensional prototypes to a viable option for low-volume manufacturing of components ranging from bio-materials to titanium parts to foods to prosthetics.

Not only in the manufacturing industries, these changes also bring positive effects to the design, architecture, craft and art fields. By hacking automatic machines and robotics, architects, artists, craftsmen and designers acquire more powerful tools to deal with mass tasks when building a unique prototype, craftwork, pavilion or art installation, and surpass the time and labor limitations. Furthermore, rapid augment of design computing tools enables them to simulate natural or develop complex forms that can be materialized. Applications of these technologies are revolutionizing the way how the new generation of creators explore the boundary of their fields.

The biennial conference, International Conference on Digital Fabrication has been successfully hold as ICDF 2016 at Keio University and ICDF 2018 at IIT Hyderabad. Encouraged by the enthusiastic participation of various academic, R&D and Industrial bodies in the previous events, we wish to organize ICDF 2020 in Taiwan and enlarge the scope to further innovative fields with this subheading, Design, Art & Tech and demo gallery.

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ICDF 2020 is Organized by:

    • Institute of Applied Arts, Graduate Institute of Architecture and Department of Communication and Technology, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.
    • Keio University, Japan.
    • IIT Hyderabad, India.
    • Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.
    • National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.