Ticket Release:The 6th Fuel Factory Interactive Theater

Production Teams:TransArt NCTUPost Theater、IoTtalk Lab NCTU

Who is allowed to erect the monument?

Who enjoys the power of discourse?

Who is entitled to write the history?

Is forgiving still possible when history has been dis-remembered?

If for-getting (forgetting is for getting) is an unhealed war wound, is for-giving (forgiving is for giving) a cure for the war trauma, a possibility for fence-mending?


Ticket Release!

The Sixth Fuel Factory Interactive Theater
《for-giving, for-getting》(原諒.遺忘)
《nonuments》(無/非 紀念碑)

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Time|18:30 Admission by submit info & ID card/Passport ; Beginning on 19:00 ; End on 22:00
Venue|Hsinchu Branch, Imperial Japanese Navy’s 6th Fuel Factory ( Lane 2, Jian-Mei Rd, Hsinchu City, TAIWAN. )

Get a Ticket|https://forms.gle/5tA5SCStPmoG3yXG7

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“For-giving.For-getting” and “Nonuments” are two Taiwan-German collaborative performances dedicated to raising public awareness domestically and internationally about the historical significance of the former Imperial Japanese Navy’s Sixth Fuel Factory, a WWII historical and cultural heritage site in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

This performance series is intended to empower the audience to discuss and interpret the past, the present, and the future of this historic site, expecting to extend and enrich WWII history through alternative perspectives and live performances.

We believe that the artists and participants will add an extra dimension to the multifold histories and memories of WWII. History, in another sense, is a living, evolving process that always unfolds in the present tense.

As a result, the prime objective of  “For-giving.For-getting”.“nonuments” is to accelerate the transformation of the historic site of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Sixth Fuel Factory into the “Hsinchu Living Museum”.


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Adviser:Ministry of Culture、Ministry of Education
Organizer:National Chiao Tung University
Implementer/Production Teams:TransArt NCTUPost Theater、IoTtalk Lab NCTU