14th Digital Art Festival Taipei- Intro to Participating Works






【14th Digital Art Festival Taipei- Intro to Participating Works】


The art team is headed by Hsu Chun-Cheng and Li Jian-You, who leads a group of graduates from the Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).

On view in this exhibition is the art series, entitled Bio I/O, inspired by the exploration of senses and biometrics. The series comprises three works respectively titled Feeling the Flow, Sonar Vision and Pheromones in Sync. Human beings perceive this world through our five senses, but the limitation presented by our biology prevents us from objectively understand the full truth of things. Integrating technologies of sensory captivation, algorithm transformation and sensory signal delivery with wearable devises to extend and expand the human body and sensory organs, the series offers input and output devices of biometric senses. These devices enable wearers to explore senses of different creatures and observe how the devices are powered through these integrated new senses and sensory expression, reaching new possibilities and limits of exploring human senses while reflecting on our current knowledge of senses.



Chun-Cheng Hsu, Jian-You Li, Ke Wang, Yun Jhuang, Hao-Ping Chien, Ming-Cheng Wu, Yi-Hsuan Li, Chia-Ching Lee, Kai-Wen Su, Lin Liu