We are located in the Humanities & Social Sciences Building I (HC) 3rd floor at the Kuan-Fu Campus of the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University(NYCU), Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Take a train to Hsin Chu Station, change to take bus number 2 stop by NYCU station or take bus number 1 stop by Guo Go Station, Zhong You petrol station, there is Guang Fu campus go along by Da Xue Road .or take the Guo Dao Ke Yun, from freeway to NCTU. (Get off on first stop under freeway) or take high speed rail to Jhubei, take the free subtle bus to Tsing Hua University station, and walk along from Guang Fu road make a right turn to Da Xue road by 15-20 minutes walking to NYCU Guang Fu campus.