Master Thesis

2017 Master Thesis

Field Thesis Title Student Professor(s)
Industrial Design Temporality – A Reflection to the
Value of Subjective Time through
Speculative Design
Liang-Jiun Chiou Chien-Kuo Teng
The Application of Wire Rope on
Product Design
Ruei-Yan Chen Ming-Huang Lin
The Application of ZiSha Based on
Semiotics—A Case Study of
Yue Wu Ming-Huang Lin
Design Projects for Storing
Flexible LED Illumination
Yi-Chun Chou Ming-Huang Lin
Experiencable Critical Design Po-Hsun Lee Ming-Huang Lin
A Journey-Restart from the
Ling-Dan Chen Dr. Wen-Shu Lai
Design Practice for Disposable
Consumption and Production
Yu-Hsuan Chuang Chun-Cheng Hsu
An application study of miniature
design for the reminiscence
therapy- Using Dementia as example
Yi-Fei Chu Chien-Kuo Teng
Approaching Collaborative Design –
A Case Study based on the User
Interface Design of an Air Purifie
Wan-I Kuo Ming-Huang Lin
Applying Clothing Material and
Making Technique to Lighting Design
Yi-Ching Tu Ming-Huang Lin
Tell the story with prop:
Discussion on the application of
the aged experience sharing.
Shi-Han Chen Chien-Kuo Teng
Applying kerf bending technique to
furniture design
Yang-Te Sun Ming-Huang Lin
Application of life image with
materials experiments in product
Shih-Yu Chen Chien-Kuo Teng
Chun-Cheng Hsu
Visual Communication Design The Creation and Exploration of
White Dream and White Hole
Fa-Mi Huang Hsieh Chi-Min
The Artist’s Statement of
“There Grows a Flower”
Fan-Yu Pu Hsieh Chi-Min
Hsieh Chi-Min
I-Ping Chen
Reluctant To Wake Up in The
Qin-Shan Lee Wen-Shu Lai
I-Ping Chen
From Picture Book to Interactive
Storytelling-My Memory of Grandma
Yi-Ying Chen Wen-Shu Lai
Study and Design of Metaphor in
Graphic Design with Optical
Jia-Ning Hou I-Ping Chen
I-Ping Chen
A Journey-Restart from the
Ling-Dan Chen Dr. Wen-Shu Lai
Identity of manifolds Breasts –
Creating Independent Organs
Tsu-Ting Lin Wen-Shu Lai
Presence and Absence in Visual
Ying-Ju Chen Wen-Shu Lai
The Daily Objects in my Life ─
Series Work of GIFs , Picture Books
, and Pseudo-Products
Li-Wen Lin Wen-Shu Lai
The Ambiguity Between My Artmaking
And Myself
Yi-Yi Wang Wen-Shu Lai
Wen-Shu Lai
Seed Project Yi-Hsuan Lee Wen-Shu Lai

2016 Master Thesis

Field Thesis Title Student Professor(s)
Industrial Design Design Through Prototyping – Design
Projects Based on Plywood
Shen,Yu-Hao Lin, Ming-Huang
Material Exploration and Design
Application with Silicone Sheet
Chiou, Nai-Yao Lin, Ming-Huang
Weaving Appliances -The Application
of Weaving techniques and patterns
on Appliances Products
Jiang, Wan-Jhen Ming-Huang Lin
The application of different
materials and Maker tools on bamboo
and rattan decoration product desig
Wu,Tzu-Hsien Ming-Huang Lin
Visual Communication Design The Artist’s Statement of
“Chinese Motion
Ho, Ting-An Hsieh Chi-Min
“The Power of color” Conceptual
Creation based on Enterprise Visual
Identification System
Tsai,Ya-Jing Chen,Yi-Ping
The Artist’s Statement of
“Internal Phenomenon”
Ko-Chun Wu Hsieh Chi-Min
Put the Cart Before the Horse No.2 Kuo, Yu-Shen Wen-Shu Lai
From Body, Dance to Creation Cao,Xin-Ming Lai, Wen-Shu
Hsieh, Chimin
Roll Calling Time––The vague
zone of mine
Wu, Jui-Che Lai, Wen-Shu
Out of the Cave