Multimedia Light Table Storytelling : Imprints of Soul.Tracks of History

多媒體光桌說故事:新竹六燃時空穿越劇《靈魂印記 ✕ 歷史軌跡》


Multimedia Light Table Storytelling :

Time-Travel Drama of the 6th Fuel Factory

《Imprints of Soul.Tracks of History》


《靈魂印記 ✕ 歷史軌跡》



“Imprints of Soul.Tracks of History” is an innovative storytelling live performance by the alumni and the current graduate students of the Institute of Applied Arts, NCTU who invent and use the multimedia light table to tell stories since 2011 till now.

The storytellers interact with the images using real-time projection from a light table combined with animation, live storytelling, music and etc. This allows the storytellers, as well as the audience, to meander through memories, imagination, and life journeys.

During the storytelling and performing process, together we construct a hybrid of visuals, sounds and temporality in which we join a journey of meaning construction and mutual understanding.


Free Admission

▍Time :2019.10.03 (Thu.) 19:30

▍Venue:NCTU Music Performance Hall(2F , Student Activity Center)

▍Production Teams:TransArt NCTU


▍Tel: (03) 513-1233

▍Organizer:國立交通大學藝文中心 Arts Center NCTU

▍Sponsor:台灣交通大學校友總會 NCTU Alumni Association