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2020 [IS IT ART?] Group Exhibition by Institute of Applied Arts, NCTU

In the Art Basel fair looking at the banana displayed on the wall and the pile of candy in the corner, someone asks, “is it art?” Yet as a hungry artist devoured the banana, and the audience took the candy, is it still art? Once the dancer is a robotic arm, and the paintings are generated by artificial intelligence, who is the artist? When the mobile spectators became still statutes, and the artist silently held the gaze of you; what is the artwork?


If what I see is neither a realistic depiction of perspective nor the perfect golden ratio, but an unlimited universe woven with numbers and sound waves, and a love letter written in a foreign language with gunpowder. What kind of art spectrum and unique qualities does such art expand?


Between the overlaps of various clumps: media, disciplines, participants and venues come from the doubts, which lead us to create, to ponder, to criticize, and to discover the possibilities of art.


Recently we just made something as well. It could be art too, couldn’t it?

What do you think?

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[?!] Exhibition Information:

Date – 2020.12.17 – 2021.01.20

Time – Monday to Friday 10:30~18:30 / Closed on weekends (except 1/2 Sat. 10:30~16:30)

Location – 1001 University Road, Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300093, R.O.C. Arts Center, National Chiao Tung University.

Event – 2020.12.17 Opening Tea Party 14:00 / Exhibition guide tour 15:35


[?!] Epidemic prevention notice: According to the policy, starting from 12/1, people should wear the face masks during visiting the exhibition.