2019 TAxTF:Wonder of Art and Technology

【2019 Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival:Wonder of Art and Technology 】

Place: Taoyuan Exhibition Center (1188 Zhongzheng Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City)

Opening hours: 2019/10/15 ~ 2019/11/03, Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 ~ 17:00, closed on every Monday

Free visit, welcome groups of more than 10 people, schools to book a tour


The 2019 TAxTF takes “Wonder” as the main theme of the exhibition. Through the four exhibition areas of “Wonder-Machine”, “Wonder-Digital”, “Wonder-Lifeworld” and “Wonder-Performance”, it aims to explore unlimited possibilities and diversified development from contemporary art in the field of science and technology.

The collection brought together 17 groups of new media digital works from Taiwan, Japan, China, Malaysia, Macau, France, Australia, etc., and included several performances, workshops, sharing sessions, cross-school work camps and other exciting content, which will influence the art of science and technology.




Participating Works

《Signal Processing》

CD-ROM is an analogous remnant in the digital age as well as a dead media of the past. This work recreates and readjusts this material, using the flow and transmission between electronic circuits to discuss the new definition of “material culture.” When discussing the re-engineering and preservation of Taoyuan’s old urban area and rural communities from modern construction, how is the issue related to the fragmented memory? How can the issue create repercussions and finally be seen? This work makes use of data as a medium to understand external media or the needs of the internet community. Through the extensive use of data as well as its pervasiveness as the dynamic drive in devices found in all aspects of life, the work aims to recount the cessation of memories in the new and old cities in the form of parasitic data. Data propels the emergence of culture, allowing itself to ​permeate through these micro-communities. With encoding and digitization, art represents the co-existence of old and new as well as the development of the city and the rural area, converting the virtual into the real and reshaping their relation.


Artist: Hsu Yi-Chen